Utah Green Schools

The 2020-2021 Utah Green Schools Application is now available! Indicate your intent to apply by filling out this form and we'll send you the application. 


2020-2021 Utah Green Schools Timeline


What is Utah Green Schools?

Utah Green Schools recognizes and inspires 21st-century sustainable practices in Utah schools, including environmental literacy, health and wellness, and building facilities.

Our program is aligned with nationally recognized partners including the Department of Education National Green Ribbon Schools, Green Schools Alliance, Project Learning Tree GreenSchools and the NAAEE.

The application is organized into the three components of schools: reduced environmental impacts and costs, improved health and wellness of schools, students and staff, and effective environmental and sustainability education. These 3 components are the foundation of the Reporting Metrics we are using for the Portfolio Form that Utah Green Schools are required to complete.

Who Should Participate?

What are you doing to green your school? What would you like to do? This project is targeted to reach schools, school districts, parents, and their greater communities spanning the state of Utah. Whether you have been implementing green practices at your school for years or you are new to the idea, we want you to apply. 

Why Utah Green Schools?

  • Reduce operational costs of your school
  • Promote the health and education of students
  • Provide students leadership and mentoring opportunity
  • Conserve limited resources
  • Strengthen your community
  • Connect to your environment

How To Participate

  1. Set up a team for your school. Ideally, your team will include an educator, an administrator, and folks who handle facility operations, health, food, and PE. For middle and high schools, representatives from a student organization are also important. Our new application takes a more comprehensive approach to evaluation, and the knowledge and expertise of many different people are needed and will make your application stronger.
  2. Choose a lead person to handle the documentation and paperwork.
  3. Indicate your intent to apply by filling out this form and we'll send you the application. Please ensure that you indicate your intent to apply as we will share resources and additional webinars will all applicants. 
  4. Begin by using the tracking matrix to identify areas where you are "Emerging", "Progressing" or "Advanced" and answer those questions. Set a few goals around what you would like to accomplish and identify individuals who may need to be a part of this process.
  5. When you are able to check all the requirements for "Emerging" and/or over half the requirements for "Progressing" in each pillar, your school can be considered for nomination as a Green Ribbon School. If you are selecting "Advanced" in multiple categories, your school should consider becoming a Department of Education Green Ribbon School. You can view example applications here. 
  6. Contact Alex Porpora at any time with questions, . USEE is here to help you succeed!
  7. You can help support Utah Green Schools by making a donation or becoming a USEE Member. A suggested donation of $35 goes a long way to helping support the Utah Green Schools Program. You can visit our membership page for more information.