Online Project Learning Tree Workshops Now Available

Learn what makes a quality online learning experience, how to earn continuing education credits, and hear feedback from educators who have tried a PLT online course. Each course comes with PLT curriculum and includes interactive features that guide you through the content. 

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Demonstration videos of educators conducting PLT activities will help you facilitate a similar experience with your students. Lesson planning worksheets help you tailor the lesson to your curriculum and classroom. Some courses include quizzes and simulations for you to try out an activity from a student’s point of view.

PLT now offers online training in Environmental Experiences for Early ChildhoodEnvironmental Education for K-8, and PLT GreenSchools.

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Project Learning Tree’s awarding-winning, multi-disciplinary curriculum resources teach students how to think, not what to think. PLT develops critical thinking, problem solving, and effective decision-making skills. Independent evaluators confirm PLT increases students’ knowledge, reasoning, and academic skills. Join the 650,000 educators across the country who use PLT’s flexible materials to bring the environment into their classrooms—and their students into the environment.

These online workshops are specially designed to help you:

  • Engage your students in learning about the environment—both outside and indoors

  • Make learning and teaching fun with hands-on activities 

  • Teach core subjects (especially STEM, reading, writing, and social studies)

  • Meet academic standards (including Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards)

  • Easily incorporate lessons into your existing curriculum or nonformal education programs

  • Become eligible to receive a PLT GreenWorks! grant to fund a service-learning project for your students

  • Meet your professional development requirements

For more information and to register for these online workshops, please visit