Utah Environmental Education Award

Every year we select recipients who have made significant contributions to Utah’s EE community. Recipients are officially recognized at USEE’s Environmental Education Awards Celebration every August. See the highlights from the 2019 USEE EE Awards Celebration.

The Beehive 5 Under 25

This program is searching for individuals in Utah, 25 years old or younger, who are game changers in their communities. These young people are taking on leadership positions to make a difference for the planet. They are engaging their communities, building relationships, and using the power of education to create change.

Read about our 2019 recipients.

These youth are also recognizing the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity and applying those principles to their work. We look forward to finding these remarkable young leaders and sharing their stories with EE enthusiasts in Utah! If you fit this description or know someone who does, please contact us.