Annual Conference

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The 30th Annual Utah Environmental Education Conference

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) has been hosting the Annual Utah Environmental Education Conference since 1989. This year, we're going virtual! Join us November 11-14th for a milestone conference to remember. This year's conference will be held via Zoom, most sessions will be held live with a handful of prerecorded sessions. All live sessions will be recorded and available to anyone who registers. 

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Theme - EE: The Threads That Tie Us Together

Environmental education connects us to nature, our communities, and each other. For our 30th Annual Utah Environmental Education conference, we look to celebrate the programs and people that create the tapestry of EE in Utah. This year’s conference will highlight how organizations have worked to develop innovative programs and partnerships to ensure that all Utahns can continue to make connections to nature. We’ll also focus on how we can engage all learners, no matter the circumstances. This year’s conference will be one to remember! 


Community Partnerships & Collaboration 

Collaboration is often key to developing programs with meaningful impact. Submissions in this strand will highlight case studies in strategic partnerships and how collaboration has helped organizations to achieve their missions. We seek to highlight innovative collaborations and partnerships that have strengthened relationships between traditional EE organizations and other community partners. Another strength of partnerships is the ability to reach new audiences and to make EE opportunities more accessible for learners. If this sounds like one of your programs consider submitting in this category. 

Engaging all Learners 

Learners may have the opportunity to engage with EE programming during the traditional school day or on a visit to an organization. But, this year has been anything but traditional! Submissions in this strand should highlight how a program or organization has adapted its programs to meet the current needs of our communities. What are the unique innovations you have developed for your program, and what are the challenges you overcame (or that you want to workshop?) 

EE & Phenomena 

All grades have now fully adopted the three-dimensions of science in the classroom as the Utah State Board of Education implemented the SEEd standards for K-5 and 9-12 in 2020. Environmental education provides learners with the opportunity to engage with real phenomena in nature. This strand will highlight program innovations in connecting students and educators with phenomena.