What is Environmental Education?

Environmental education isn’t just for field trips or for fun, although it definitely can be! Students who have the opportunity to engage in environmental education not only gain knowledge about the environment, but demonstrate gains in academic achievement, critical thinking, civic engagement and personal growth. 

To learn more about the research behind student outcomes and EE, check out this study from Stanford University. You may also access this easy to use fact sheet on how EE benefits academic achievement

If you’re ready to implement EE in your classroom, school or district today, contact USEE about setting up a training or learning more about our K-12 aligned programs. Here’s what we offer: 

Environmental education is about hope and change. There is a mountain of evidence that suggests EE is a powerful way to teach students. Over 100 studies found that it provides transformative learning opportunities that bring tremendous results and engage young people in the world around them in meaningful, collaborative ways. There is no doubt that environmental education is one of the most effective ways to instill a passion for learning among students.

— Dr. Nicole Ardoin, Stanford University Graduate School of Education and Woods Institute for the Environment