Equity & Inclusivity at USEE

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) works to ensure that all Utahns have the opportunity to learn about the environment and experience quality environmental education. 

Recognizing the value of diversity and inclusiveness to advance environmental education, USEE, including our staff and leadership commit to: 

  • Integrating the ideals of multiculturalism, equity, justice, and sustainability; 
  • Acting as allies for those whose voices are not being heard; and
  • Promoting equal access to environmental education. 

What this means at our organization: 

  • Offering training and support for member and partner organizations as they work to make environmental education a more inclusive field.
  • Reviewing our internal board and organizational practices, including growing our board to reflect the communities we serve and the language we use in our communications.
  • Modeling best practices in hiring and compensation. This includes: offering paid internships, a starting minimum wage of $15, transparency around compensation, and only posting jobs that clearly state compensation rates. Additionally, USEE will no longer require a cover letter to apply for open positions or a college degree. 
  • Ensuring that our Annual Conference is open to any environmental educator in the state that wishes to attend. While there is a registration fee, if any individual and organization cannot afford to attend the conference USEE is able to grant scholarships to any environmental educator that needs one. 
  • Board and staff commit to continuing education on matters related to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. 

USEE defines diversity in its broadest sense and welcomes everyone to the field of environmental education, including but not limited to people of all races, ethnicities, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, national origins, socioeconomic status, religious affiliations, languages, and heritages.

To inform are work, we are using a Living Glossary of Terminology.  These definitions are currently being utilized by the North American Association for Environmental Education Affiliate Working Group and are the definitions we utilize as an organization. Updates may be made based on input from the Affiliate Network Equity and Inclusion work group. (December 2021)