About USEE

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE), is the Utah Affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education.  

USEE works with all Utahns, including teachers, administrators, nonprofit personnel, government and agency personnel, business and industry representatives, and private citizens to bring sound environmental education to all Utahns.

Environmental education (EE) provides the skills necessary for people of all ages to make intelligent, informed decisions about the environment and how they can take care of it. EE builds human capacity, influences attitudes, and can lead to action. Most importantly, it can help people make informed decisions about the environment that lead to lifelong stewardship and a more sustainable society. 

Our Mission

USEE promotes excellence in environmental education and community engagement to connect all Utahns to their natural world.

Our Vision

A culture of environmental literacy, knowledge and action to create a sustainable future for Utah. 

Our Work

The Utah Society for Environmental Education is the professional organization for environmental educators in the state of Utah. This includes classroom and homeschool  educators who include environmental education during the school day, informal educators who offer environmental education programs at their sites, nonprofits that work to improve the  environment, and city and state agencies that are engaged in environmental issues. We serve these individuals and organizations by

  • Driving Excellence - we increase the quality of environmental education (EE) in Utah by providing professional development, access to best practices, knowledge and current trend information.
  • Fostering Collaboration - we bring together Utah’s environmental educators to pursue innovative education and engagement strategies.
  • Mobilizing Support - we champion EE at all levels by advocating for policies, partnership and philanthropy to support EE.

USEE works to ensure everyone in Utah has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

Our Approach

The interest and need for environmental education has been growing in recent years. Effective environmental education does not advocate any particular viewpoint on environmental issues. Rather, environmental education should promote a full understanding of environmental issues through traditional and non-traditional educational processes.

Our approach to environmental education focuses on providing professional learning to both formal and non-formal educators which is aimed at enhancing critical thinking, problem solving, and effective decision making. Through good environmental education, individuals can better understand the complexities and interrelatedness of environmental issues and weigh the various sides to make informed, balanced and responsible decisions.

Many of the skills emphasized in effective environmental education are the same skills promoted by the Utah State Board of Education. By utilizing the environmental education materials sponsored by USEE, non-formal educators, teachers and school districts can meet the state standards and provide stimulating, challenging, and fun activities for their students.

NAAEE Affiliate 

USEE is proud to serve as the Utah affiliate of the North America Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). NAAEE and its 53 affiliate organizations form the largest network of environmental educators in the country, connecting us to 150,000 educators annually.  Together, we are a driving force for creating a more environmentally literate community through education. Learn More.  

2021-2024 Strategic Plan

We are proud to share our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. This plan was developed with input from Utah's EE Community, along with USEE's Board of Directors and Staff and focuses on the following goals: 

  • Promoting Equity
  • Driving Excellence and Collaboration 
  • Encouraging Advocacy and Action 
  • Ensuring Sustainability for USEE