Core Correlations

The following Programs/Activity Guides have been correlated to the Utah State Office of Education Core Curriculum. You can access correlations below by clicking on the Program/Activity Guide you are using, and then either the grade level or subject matter within. The activities that meet that grade or subject matter will be listed.

If you need assistance, please call the USEE office at 801-328-1549.


Objective 1: Describe and adopt behaviors for health and safety. Indicator a: Explain the importance of balance in a diet. Activity 16: Pass the Plants, Please

Objective 2: Examine important aspects of the community and culture that strengthen relationships. Activity 20: Environmental Exchange Box (indirect) Indicator a: Explain why families, schools, and communities have rules. Activity 32: A Forest of ...

Objective 1: Investigate relationships between plants and animals and how living things change during their lives. Indicator a: Observe and describe relationships between plants and animals. Activity 22: Trees as Habitats, Variation 1 Indicator b: ...

Objective 01: Develop language through listening and speaking. Indicator a:  Identify specific purpose(s) for listening (e.g., to gain information, to be entertained). Activity 4: Sounds Around (indirect) Activity 8: The Forest of S.T. Shrew Ac ...

Objective 02: Apply strategies to comprehend text. Indicator a: Relate prior knowledge to make connections to text (e.g., text to text, text to self, text to world). Activity 8: The Forest of S.T. Shrew Activity 18: Tale of the Sun Activity 87: Eart ...

Objective 01: Prepare to write by gathering and organizing information and ideas. (Prewriting) Activity 02: Get in Touch with Trees Activity 18: Tale of the Sun Activity 20: Environmental Exchange Box Objective 06: Write in different forms and gen ...

Objective 1: Describe, identify, and create simple geometric shapes. Indicator b: Identify circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares in the students’ environment. Activity 1: The Shape of Things

Objective 1: Identify measurable attributes of objects and units of measurement Indicator c: Estimate length, capacity, and weight using customary units. Activity 21: Adopt A Tree, Enrichment Objective 2: Use appropriate techniques and tools to det ...

Objective 1: Collect, organize, and display simple data. Indicator a: Collect physical objects to use as data. Indicator b: Collect, represent, and interpret data using tables, tally marks, pictographs, and bar graphs. Activity 27: Every Tree for Its ...

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