2018 Utah Environmental Education Awardees

Congratulations to our 2018 Utah Environmental Education (EE) Award reciptients who have made significant contributions to Utah’s EE community. Recipients were officially recognized at USEE’s 28th Annual Utah Environmental Education Conference on September 15, 2018.

Click on the image below to watch slide show:

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USEE Lifetime Achievement Award | Ron Hellstern

Life-long friend, colleague, and previous USEE Lifetime Achievement for Environmental Education Award recipient, Jack Greene, presented the award to Ron over a special Awards Luncheon. Ron was joined by his wife, Wendy Hellstern, and family members.

awardee lifetime

Pictured left to right: Parker Hellstern, Bryce Hellstern, Heather Hellstern, Jack Greene, Wendy & Ron Hellstern, Darren Hellstern, Nicky Hellstern, Angie Hellstern, Rhett Hellstern

EE Organization of the Year | Cache Valley Wildlife Association

Awarded to a non-profit organization that has made a major contribution to environmental education in Utah. 

  • Cache Valley Wildlife Association: Ron Hellstern, Wendy Hellstern, Larry Jacobsen & Becky Yeager

awardee cv wildlife assoc

 Pictured left to right: Ron Hellstern, Wendy Hellstern, Larry Jacobsen & Becky Yeager

Vern A. Fridley Environmental Educator of the Year

Awarded to an individuals who has made a major contribution to EE in Utah. We have divided this into a Formal Educator and Non-Formal Educator awards.

  • Formal Environmental Educator: Lauren Lansdowne

awardee lauren lansdowne

Pictured left to right: Alex Porpora, Lauren Lansdowne, Kenna Agaard

  • Non-Formal Environmental Educator: Mary Closser

awardee mary closser

Pictured left to right: Alex Porpora, Mary Closser, Carolyn Wawra

Utah Environmental Education Program of the Year | Grantsville Art and Science Camp (GAS Camp): Oliver Hansen & Lauren Lansdowne

Awarded to a program that has made an impact in education about one or more aspects of the environment. 

awardee gas camp

Pictured left to right: Alex Porpora, Oliver Hansen, Lauren Lansdowne, Kenna Agaard

Utah Environmental Education Volunteer of the Year | Lynn Weston, Ogden Nature Center

Awarded to an individual who has made a significant contribution to environmental education specifically through volunteer (unpaid) service to an environmental organization in our state. 

awardee lynn weston2   awardee lynn weston

Pictured left to right: Photo 1–Lynn Weston, Mary McKinley & Alyssa Stegmaier; Photo 2–Alex Porpora & Jessica Hutchins (accepting on Lynn's behalf)

USEE Above & Beyond Volunteer of the Year | Ruth Burkett

awardee ruth burkett

Pictured left to right: Jackie Lowry, Ruth Burkett, Alex Porpora

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What is USEE?

The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, has been a statewide leader in promoting high quality environmental education in Utah since 1981. USEE encourages environmental literacy by teaching Utahans how to think, not what to think, about the environment.

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